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son of wealth. buy my hair. buy my blood. buy me.
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drake be on another plane

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A rabbit searches for food in the ruins of a collapsed house in Longtoushan on August 5, 2014. A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck southwestern China on Sunday, killing nearly 600 people in a remote area of Yunnan province, causing thousands of buildings to collapse. The earthquake also triggered multiple landslides that have blocked rivers and created rapidly growing bodies of water that could unleash more destruction on survivors of the disaster.

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Cockroaches will retreat to wash themselves after human contact.


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"You’re gonna do great today."

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I loved you not because of the reasons you think I did

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drew these guys from memory to see if i could remember how to draw w/this tablet

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funny story: this scene was actually improvised. the script originally called for pikachu to roll over onto his side and deliver a line that went “good battling today ash. can we get ihop in the morning?” but during filming, pikachu started thinking about how his real life trainer never hugged him and also will smith’s dad, so he delivered this amazing performance all off the top of his head. the animator was like whoa wtf. what a brilliant moment.

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This is a painting in the xzibit show that was too big to scan! Come see it in person while it’s up for the rest of august at 1026 arch street Philadelphia!

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